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Archer’s finger tab from Coventry c. 1500

A quick one today because the bucket took way too long. This is an easy project for anyone able to use a pair of scissors.

The original was found in Palmer Lane, Coventry in 1949 and appears to have been made from pig skin. It is designed and made for a right hander, but the string wear on the flesh rather than the skin side shows that it was used left handed. Judging from the size, it was for a youth although it is also likely to have been made to a more or less standard pattern.

Having some pig skin at home, I worked out what size the holes would have to be to fit my hand and scaled the rest accordingly. All the cutting was done using the naughty scissors (named in response to the repeated warning “Not with the good scissors”), mostly with the points.

Modern pig skin tends to be garment weight, making this tab just a little thin for my 60# longbow, so a light cow hide may be more appropriate for the heavier bows. The thickness probably should have been scaled up with the other dimensions.  

 Archer's finger tab



Soar, H., The Crooked Stick — A History of the Longbow, Westholme, Pennsylvania, 2004. Pp128-9

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