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A small disaster…

By the total lack of information in the week since Blacktown Medieval Fair, you can safely assume things didn’t go to plan. It had rained intermittently during the week before the fair, resulting in damp ground and humidity well above 90%. It was damp enough to soften any unsealed leather and I learned another important lesson about moulding leather. In the right conditions, it will unmould.

In the rush to get things done in time, I didn’t pay proper attention to the angle at the egde of the front piece of the flacket near where the inner row of stitches go. Where it should be ninety degrees, due to insufficient clamping during the moulding stage, it ended up closer to 100 degrees. The back didn’t have this problem and as the curved front is stronger than the flat back, the front won the stress competition and distorted the back to the point where the back became concave. The photo below sort of shows the problem.

The tension caused by the front not being flat has caused the back to curve in.

There’s more photos of the fair here if you are interested.

I finished stitching it as part of the display, but I’ve since pulled it apart and will remould the edge of the front and see what I can do with the back. I promise to post the results, but have two pair of shoes to fix by next weekend so it will have to wait a couple of weeks.

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