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Matt’s Mary Rose Bracer

Matt sent me a couple of photos of the bracer he made with James based on the photos in the Archery Leatherwork Gallery with some dimensions from the Mary Rose Artefact Database. I think the original is find number 80A0901, the museum display didn’t have them properly labeled when I was there in 2003. Here is one of his photos and the text from the email about how it was done.

Matt's Mary Rose Bracer

Here are the pictures of the Mary Rose Bracer I created.  I scaled it up slightly to work for me.  Six inches instead of five.  We made the stamp out of wood with a dremel tool.  Started with a round piece of maple and removed the inner circle and then used a cutting wheel to make the lines.  Was pretty easy once we figured out how.  The bracer was cut from a piece of oak tanned leather between 8-10 ounces thick.  I used a swivel knife and a straight edge to do the central design.  The straps were put on with copper rivets and that is pretty much it.  Thanks for sharing the pictures of the find on your blog.

2 thoughts on “Matt’s Mary Rose Bracer

  1. Nice work, Matt!

    See, everyone, it doesn’t take that long to make really cool decorations on leatherwork.

    • That is so true. The stamping part of the project took less than ten minutes (once I made the stamp). And this version of the stamp only took about 10 minutes to make as well.


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