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18th Century Dutch shoe sole from the WTC site in New York

Today’s Daily Mail contains a report on an 18th century Dutch ship found 30m deep in land reclaimed from the Hudson River.

The fourth photo down the page is of a shoe sole fom the site. It appears to be an innersole and clearly shows the owner’s foot and the stitch holes around the heel. Construction appears to be similar to the Smeerenberg shoe. I’ve pulled the photo in from the paper’s website below, I don’t know how long it will last.

2 thoughts on “18th Century Dutch shoe sole from the WTC site in New York

  1. Love your blog and updates by email. I don’t know anything about making shoes or leatherworking. What I do know is that I failed to find any competent traditional cobbler in Bangladesh, Malaysia or Cambodia. Pakistan holds potential I suppose as a commercial dealer in reproduction shoes gets their fascimiles made there. Anyway, after spending sooooo much time hand-sewing my own costume I am fed up and want to pay a professional to do the shoes. A milliner is already making the beaverfelt hat (NOT cheap!).

    In 6 months I will place an order for a custom pair of English or Dutch shoes circa 1630. I want them to not only *look* authentic* but actually *be* made using authentic techniques and materials, down to the dyes and type of leather. I presume all this can be handled by sending plaster casts or digital foot photos and measurements through the mail. If you know of any craftsmen who might be interested in taking on this project please advise.

    I live in Canada and will be in South east Asia in summer 2011.


    P.S. How do you recommend handling this? If I post my email address machines will deluge me with spam.

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