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Testing Times (via International Routier-the Blog)

This is a post I wrote for another blog a short time ago. While discussing a particular set of wooden tubs that I’ve been repairing and maintaining for some time, it gives a comparison between the performance of wooden and leather buckets over a 12 month period in the situation that leather buckets were most commonly used in – being left dry for extended periods of time and then needing to hold water immediately.  Obviously the findings aren’t valid for other locations and patterns of use where the buckets would be kept wet or used on a daily basis.

The testing was informal rather than structured but I found it interesting to note how the leather bucket performed in a variety of climactic conditions and rough handling, including freezing, 40 degree heat, humidity ranges from 4% to 100% (sometimes on consecutive days) and being dropped from a height of about 1 metre on to concrete. The wooden buckets were exposed to similar conditions and handling. I thought it might be of interest to readers here.

Testing Times Back in 2009, I wrote a post on making a 16th century leather water bucket. Given our recent discussion on the condition and life expectancy of the regimental buckets and tubs, I thought it time to present the findings on some comparative testing I’ve been doing over the past 12 months. The primary concern is how resistant the waterproofing is to use, abuse and rough handling and how much maintenance would be expected when compared to a similar w … Read More

via International Routier-the Blog

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