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Shoe Horns (via International Routier-the Blog)

Here’s a post I did for the International Routier on the subject of shoe horns. They help protect the shoe quarter and back seam, particularly if the shoe is a bit tight. These particular ones were the work of one man over the period of 1593 to about 1614, the photos allow you to see the how his style and skills evolved.

I think I’ve worked out how to do them, so stay tuned for a future how-to (or how-not-to if it all goes wrong).

Shoe Horns In some way, Helmut is the genesis of this post. I’d done a post on the ceramic Salisbury Leather Jug and within a few days Helmut had posted some photos of the original the pottery one was copied from. I located the museum website, had a look around at the rest of the site and found this shoehorn. The museum placard reads “Shoehorn 1593 – Shoehorn engraved and inscribed by Robert Mindun in 1593 depicting a figure in Elizabethan costume, perhaps … Read More

via International Routier-the Blog

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