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Contemporary Makers: Original 17th-18th Century Leather Powder Horn

Over on Contemporary Makers, they have a nice post on a leather powder horn. There’s two things about it that interest me (ignoring the claim that LR stands for Louis Roy although the justification for a French origin looks at least possible). The photo at the end of the post shows a fleur de lis that looks like it could have been done with one of Hugh’s stamps. This extends the possible period for this stamp by another few hundred years, well into the modern period.

The other thing is that there is another one dated 1649 in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Unfortunately, it isn’t listed on the website so I can’t link to an image. Having dealt with the V&A on the attribution of a particular gaming pouch (a uniquely English form) as being French, I received the reply that the identification that these objects were of French origin was made by a curator in 1856 based solely on use of the fleur de lis for the decoration. Things got somewhat awkward when I pointed out all the other objects in the collection that had the same decoration but were identified as English or Spanish. I’m rambling but my point is not to trust the stated origin without some other validation of the claim.

The stitching is particularly fine, to keep the powder in. It looks like it was made and decorated on a last. I’m not convinced the leather was hardened, as the embossing would have distorted as the leather shrunk.

Here’s the link to the post, it is worth a look.

Contemporary Makers: Original 17th-18th Century Leather Powder Horn.

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Makers: Original 17th-18th Century Leather Powder Horn

      • There’s an ivory one in the Wallace Collection (A1268) with a similar arangement. It is French, about 1660 and like the leather one, all the mechanism parts that once connected to the screw thread are missing. I couldn’t find any others but there may be some about.

  1. Wow…as a CLA member and contributer to the Contemporary Makers Blog myself, I was blown away to see the link to it posted here on the Reverend’s site…I personally know the poster of the leather horn mentioned, and he is quite a leather traditional worker and artist as well…any additional info about leather powder horns would be most appreciated by us traditional leather guys here in the states…by the way, this is a great site, thanks a million Reverend.

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