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Paint tests, part 2

A wise woman told me to junk the acrylic paints I was using and to get some real ones. So I grabbed the Games Workshop paints Andrew and I use for figure painting. Say hello to Skull White and Blood Red.

Acrylic paints

This acrylic went on like a real paint, flowed fairly well, and most importantly, covered properly. The oil was magnificent, as it always is. I love using it, but that may be because I understand they way it works best. Here’s the result.

Paint samples

Oil is on the left column, gouache is in the middle and acrylic to the right. Iron dye is the top row and modern to the bottom.

I was expecting the red oil paint to lift the white, but found it happening with the gouache instead. I’ll let them dry for a week and varnish appropriately, then finish with wax and start the torture tests. Stay tuned for the excitement

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