Football anyone?

I’m reposting an account from a FIFA history of football page rather than writing my own post due to a state of befuddlement brought on by a dose of the ‘flu, plague, leprosy or possibly scrofula.

There’s a few inaccuracies and omissions in the page, the ball was found in 1981 not 1999, the leather is now grey but there is no evidence what colour it was originally, and the date of 1540 means the bedroom belonged to Mary of Guise, queen consort of James V and mother of Mary Queen of Scots. Diameter is about 140-160mm. The ball is now in the Stirling Smith Museum.

The full page is linked at the end. And don’t try to engage me in a conversation about football. I just don’t get it. – Football-Facts

The Oldest Ball

The oldest leather football in existence is probably over 450 years old and was found hidden in the rafters above Mary Queen of Scots’ bedroom in Stirling Castle in Scotland as recently as 1999.

The ball itself was constructed of a pig’s bladder with a grey leather casing sewn around it… – Football-Facts.

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