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Tudor thread bobbins

I’m afraid this is another one of those posts where I show off while pretending that it’s really all to do with Tudor leather work. It was my turn on the lathe last Sunday afternoon, so I whipped up some copies of bobbins from the Mary Rose out of an off-cut piece of silky oak that was destined for the bin.

Mary Rose bobbins

One’s pretty much a copy of 81A1433, complete with hollow inside for storing needles, the other is similar but solid due to a borer hole that comes out the side.

Mary Rose bobbins

These are for my Stuart period leather worker’s tool box. See – it was relevant after all! As well as storing thread, the bobins can be used to maintain a tension on a thread when doing things like whipping rope.

They are just slightly under diameter because of the size of the timber I was using. 81A1433 apparently has some traces of paint so of course, I couldn’t control myself. The paint is artist’s oils because I wasn’t confident that ground pigment wouldn’t come off on the thread. Pigments are all ones in common use and the arrangement of colour is from seventeenth century painted furniture.

Mary Rose bobbins

Post script: even commercially prepared oil paints don’t stop lamp black from rubbing off over everything. Maybe I should use and iron or ivory black next time. I ended up putting a thin coat of varnish over the black to seal it and then waxed.

10 thoughts on “Tudor thread bobbins

  1. Very impressive! I’ve been wanting to make up a period-appropriate sewing box to take to events. Makes me want to get to work on that lathe…

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  3. I wonder if you would be willing to share a photo or scan of the documentation you used for this? I have a request out for the book via Interlibrary Loan, but no idea how long it might take to acquire.

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