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Robert Mindum catalogue 1593-1613

Those of you that put money on me caving in and doing the Mindum shoe horn catalogue in 3 days, please go and collect your winnings. You know I had to. The WordPress interface didn’t work very well with the wide table involved, so I’ve done it as a pdf and hidden it on my website.

The links on the year go to photographs I’ve been able to source, the links on references go to the reference if it exists online. Notes in italics are quotes from the reference and those in square brackets are my observations.

I’ve been able to identify 18 separate shoe horns and one powder horn by made and decorated by Mindum, there may be more as I avoided counting any I couldn’t positively identify. If you know of any others or have any better photos, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Robert Mindum catalogue 1593-1613

  1. I am the Curator of Decorative Art at the Holburne Museum in Bath. You may like to know that we have the Mindum shoe horn made for Ambras Buckels in 1598. It was given to us by the the Rev Hugh Nelson Ward in 1949. It will be included in our forthcoming show ‘Painted Pomp: Art and Fashion in Shakespeare’s England’ 26 Jan – 6 May 2013.

    Matthew Winterbottom

  2. Hi Matthew, thanks for your comment. I’ve updated the catalogue to show the current location for that shoe horn. Is there any chance of a photograph being put on your online catalogue so I can link to it?



    • Hi Alex,
      Do you know any of the history of the piece? I’d be interested in getting a photo or at least the full text of the inscription. It may be the one that was in the collection of John Evans in 1890.


  3. send me an email and i will send you photos. I doubt that it is the same – as I think this one has been passed down through the family – and I found it amongst a box of handcraft items given my by my great aunt…

  4. The inscription says “this is Francis Hinsons shoe horn given by Margaret and Elizabeth Smith and made by Robert Mindum”
    Date is 1600 E R. Its 20 cm long.

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