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The Newport Ship reports

If anyone is interested in 15th century leatherwork, woodwork, or any aspect of maritime construction, the Newport Ship have their Specialist Reports online.

The introduction of the Fabric Specialist Report gives some background of the ship.

In 2002, during the construction of the Riverfront Theatre, on the banks of the River Usk in Newport, South Wales, an archaeological find of great significance was unearthed. In the summer of that year, while undertaking the excavations for the theatre’s orchestra pit, the well-preserved remains of a 15th century clinker built merchant vessel were discovered.

The leather catalogue is at:


Be prepared for turn-welted poleyns, leather pump components and an archer’s bracer (MSG 154 on p90).

3 thoughts on “The Newport Ship reports

  1. Wonderful report, there should be more of those. I also recently found that the ‘Bodemonderzoek in Leiden’ reports from the Netherlands are online here:https://www.leidseregioinkaart.nl/pdf/
    A lot of the finds are medieval, and a lot of leather finds are described. This is one of the best archeology series that we have in the Netherlands.

  2. Dear Rev.: I am writing a scholarly article on the coinage of Ecgberht, archbishop of Northumbria and brother of Eadberht. You have a good photo of “Bede’s chair” from Jarrow I would like to use in my article. May I use it? Ron Bude

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