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Hedeby Quiver – the finish


This part is really just a quick finish and review of the success or otherwise of the project.

First the hanging straps – we know they are folded leather, sewn with a saddle stitch along one edge. One end loops through the tab on the side and is stitched to itself. Interestingly, I quickly found that the top extension of the tab keeps the hanging strap sitting at the correct angle.

At the top end, we don’t know. We’re missing that bit. It could have been some sort of hook or escutcheon like these from Birka or just about anything. I’ve gone with the safe option and just repeated the loop from the other end of the strap. I don’t know what the width of the belt is that my client will be using, just that he wants the top of the quiver to sit at waist height.

Here’s how it looks:

I’ve borrowed my son’s 28″ arrows for the test, my 32″ monsters are a bit long for this period and type of quiver. There is a little wadded woolen fabric in the bottom to stop the heads marking the leather. I think it helps keep all the arrows at the same height, which is what I prefer. Without it the arrows in the centre would sit lower than the ones around the edge.

Now take a quick look back at the Leatherwork from Hedeby post. Having made this one, I’m fairly confident the finds at Hedeby represent two different, but similar quivers. I’ve think I’ve managed to match the shapes and angles of all the pieces, and in all but the outer seams on the carrying tabs, I’ve been able to match the thread impressions, or lack thereof on all pieces. I think there’s a fair chance the carrying tabs had a thin leather wrap around the edges as the originals had stitch holes but no thread impressions.

Here endeth the build. If you are interested, follow my attempt at a quiver from Nydam Mose on my other blog.



4 thoughts on “Hedeby Quiver – the finish

  1. Wow. This is amazing work. Can I ask how you get that “rolled” look to the edges… the large rolled bulge at the top, and the smaller raised or edges at almost all the seams? I don’t suppose you have a document with the dimensions either? I’m SCA, Rúnviðr (no last name yet feel free to suggest one), thanks for any information you can provide.

    • Hi Steven, that’s mostly embossed and then folded or in the case of the top, wrapped around a ring of rolled leather. I show the block I made to do the embossing and howto use it in the second half of part 3. The dimensions are given in part 1 and there’s a link in there to my friend’s translation of the original dig report so you can check my figures and make your own decisions about my interpretation.

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  3. I just got on this blog and I must say. This is all the information I have been craving for some time. Thank you Wayne for all you have done. I plan on seeking more information across this board and fulfilling much of my research.

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